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Shereen Saleh

Dr Shereen has been with Compassionate Inquiry since August 2019 and is actively involved in the Compassionate Inquiry community.

Available for Therapy sessions and for Holistic healing through her integration with Functional Medicine and Connectedness.

She is a Functional Practitioner (IFM) with a holistic approach to health with over 20 years experience, specialising in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, emotional, societal and relational factors influencing  dis-ease and health.  How physical and mental health play out in stress, chronic illness, Women’s health, addictions, lifestyle and even weight management.

Born in Egypt and sent to an Irish Convent at the age of four she is familiar with the trauma of dislocation and works with people from all backgrounds and cultures.

She trained as a Family Physician in London working in Prisons/Addiction centres specialising in Women’s Health.

She guides, supports, journeys with her clients to a place of wellness, healing and inner peace in the context of their lives.

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Other Certified Training
Completed CI mentorship program - February 2021
Completed CI internship program - February 2022
Family Physician MBBS BSc, Functional Practitioner (Institute of functional medicine), Drug and Alcohol Dependency Diploma , Diploma of the faculty of Family Planning, (DFFP), Diploma in Child Health (DCH), Masters in Public Health MSc, Youth Worker (Brunel University).
Addiction ADHD Adolescents Adoption Anxiety BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) Chronic Pain Depression Grief and loss Hospice Illness Plant medicine Refugees Self-esteem Sexual Abuse Spirituality and ritual Trauma and PTSD Veterans Women's health


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