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Elizabeth Muehlbacher

Elizabeth is a registered Master of Social Work who works individually with adults on their path to healing, using compassion and connection as the foundation for this journey. She has experience working with a variety of issues including, but not limited to, symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, psychosis, trauma, emotional neglect, situational and existential crises, suicidal/self-harm behaviours, and substance misuse.

Elizabeth uses Compassion Inquiry in conjunction with other body-based therapeutic techniques, including Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing and is passionate about the importance of healing from within. Elizabeth also recognizes the benefits of plant medicines in the therapeutic context and offers psychedelic integration therapy as part of her practice. If you are looking for support in your personal exploration, whether it be for the first time or if you have a past history with counselling, you are invited to connect and learn more.


  • Languages Spoken


  • Profession

    Registered Social Worker

  • Specialties

    Plant medicine integration

  • Other Certified Training

    Somatic Experiencing Practitioner- Beginner & Intermediate Levels, 2021-2022 (Advanced Completion in Fall 2023). Trauma Certificate, Wilfred Laurier University, 2017 Master of Social Work, University of Windsor, 2013 Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology & Psychology, 2007


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