Sat Charan Simran Kaur

Private Mentor, Registered Social Worker

As a Compassionate Inquiry Mentor Sat Charan Simran is passionate in supporting you along your journey of developing your Compassionate Inquiry skills. She is a Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Founding Facilitator, Compassionate Inquiry Mentor and on the Compassionate Inquiry Certification Team. She is also a Registered Social Worker, with training and over 30 years experience in counselling and therapy. Sat Charan Simran has extensive experience in a variety of settings and diverse population groups and is adept at supporting clients dealing with a wide variety of life challenges and multiple barriers. She has a strong passion for counselling/therapy, coaching, and supporting others to achieve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual goals. She is also a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, an international, professional Beyond Addiction Trainer, and Mental Health lead. Sat Charan Simran currently has a private practice offering online therapy sessions.

Self care is an important and cherished part of Sat Charan Simran’s life. She loves to do yoga, meditation, walk along the ocean, swim, bike, work out and spend time in nature connecting deeply with animals, and has a special fondness for cats. She has a passion for travel and has lived in South Korea and Mexico.

Sat Charan Simran has been working with Sat Dharam and Gabor since 2012 in the Beyond Addiction Program. She has held supervisory positions previously in her professional life with students as well as employees and has completed the Leading Edge Supervisor training course.

Sat Charan Simran looks forward to mentoring you.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1-778-322-4785
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada