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Teodora Ioana Cecilia Angelescu

Teodora Ioana Cecilia Angelescu

Spirituality and psychotherapy are for me a way of life, the royal road to healing. My journey towards myself began - stepping with more awareness and asking myself questions - twenty years ago, when something deep inside, began to demand answers to seemingly impossible questions: who am I really beyond the childhood traumas, why am I here? The need to know, one of the capacities we are born with alongside the capacity to love, has begun to occupy my whole mind. The desire to share, help and be close to people in need, led me to become a social worker with a background in theology, then to become a psychotherapist trained in transcultural positive psychotherapy after Peseschkian, and then to meet CI approach that connects mind, soul and body at an even deeper level of awareness. With a little guidance I believe the self-healing process can be ignited in every human being.


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    Romanian, English

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    Licentiate in social work and theology (2015) Master Degree in Clinical Psychology (2017); Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy by Peseschkian (2017); Completed CI Mentorship Program (2022)


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