Gabriela Georgescu-Drânda


After 8 years in the corporate world, being at a career crossroads, I realized that it was the right moment to follow my calling. Since 2017 I offer individual and couples psychotherapy sessions in my private practice, both online and in person.

My approach combines Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy by Peseschkian, Compassionate Inquiry, existentialism, IFS and other methods or approaches that I discover in my own personal practice and I openly introduce them in the work with my clients. My mentors are Irvin Yalom, Dr. Gabor Mate and Esther Perel.

I like to think that the psychotherapy that I practice is a way of life, in a continuous search for deeper ways to empower the True Self while I give my support to others in their own process and Compassionate Inquiry added a big value to this work.

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Rati Roberta Riccardi

Yoga Teacher

Since 2004 Rati has been supporting people in the expansion of consciousness, empowering them to find the healer/teacher within using different modalities.

Trained in Attunement Therapy, Mediterranean massage (, still point induction and occipital release, Reconnective HealingTM and The ReconnectionTM, Hatha and Nada Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Intuitive Energy Work, Rati has explored different healing traditions, including various shamanic approaches.

Rati has studied the consciousness expanding and healing properties of sound with Alexandre Tannous ( and facilitates group and one-on-one sound meditations. 

Rati is passionate about psychedelic therapy, with emphasis on preparation and integration.

Rati has travelled extensively around the world, is deeply connected with a community in the Brazilian Amazon and has facilitated small groups to explore an authentic indigenous experience.

Rati offers a loving, compassionate, attuned and safe space to reconnect with the essence of who we are.

Location: Calista WA, Australia

Cristina Bara

Life Coach
Cristina is a Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator, Circle leader and Practitioner.
She is trained in the Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM), working with complex and developmental trauma.
Her work is Polyvagal informed, also providing Safe and Sound protocol interventions.
Cristina gave up a career of 8 years in the tax consultancy field and got interested in trauma work as a way to find wholeness. She started the training in Compassionate Inquiry in January 2019 which opened the doorway to personal and professional transformation.
Now, she supports other people in their own personal journey through online, individual and group sessions.

Location: Bucharest, Romania