Note: this page is for those that have completed the CI Professional Online Training. If you would like learn more about the training or apply, click here for more info.


What is the CI Internship?

  • The CI internship is offered as a year of learning and personal/professional development for individuals who have completed the CI professional training and are currently enrolled in or have completed the CI Mentorship Program
  • The internship is an opportunity to use your passion and skills to contribute to CI 
  • It is a stand-alone experience, that may or may not lead to future association with the CI Team of Facilitators/Mentors
  • The experience itself will be enriching and will depend on the intention you bring to it   


3 Primary Intentions Associated with the Internship Role:

  1. To support the intention, vision, program, facilitators, participants, structure, evolution, and expansion of CI
  2. Further learning to enhance your CI skills
  3. To integrate CI into your professional career


To Be Eligible to Apply for the CI Internship:

  • You must have completed all of the course requirements for the year-long training before applying for the internship, or you will have completed them by the end of your year long training
  • You must simultaneously be enrolled in the CI Mentorship Program, or have completed it
  • Submit a reference letter and resumé
  • You must be currently practicing CI with your clients
  • You can commit to the internship for one full year

Candidates will be selected based on their professional background, the recommendation of their biweekly facilitator, their CI skill level as assessed in their videos, their expressed intentions for the internship and whether we think they would be a good fit for our CI Team.


Intern Responsibilities:

  • Mentors with one primary facilitator and attends biweekly meetings with at least one online group throughout the year – all three levels (1.5 hours every other week)
  • Attends one biweekly session with each of the other 10 facilitators, rotating with one new facilitator per month (1.5 hours per month), to have exposure to a variety of best practices and facilitation styles
  • Assists online participants in organizing their practice pods in each level of the training as needed, making sure that everyone is connected in dyads/triads
  • Sits in on triad sessions for participants in the online group once in Level 1 (6 triad sessions, 1 hr each, in first month of training); once in Level 2 (6 triad sessions, 1 hr each, in fifth month of training); possibly once in Level 3 (6 triad sessions, 1 hr each, in ninth month of training) and provides instruction and feedback – pd $50/hr
  • Relays information back to Facilitator of any challenges in the pods or dyads/triads
  • Reviews Case Study forms of online participants in Levels 2 and 3 (5 forms in Level 2, per participant)
  • Facilitate one module in Level 2, half way through, and receive feedback from Facilitator
  • Facilitate check-in at one meeting in Level 2
  • Add feedback to participants’ demos in Level 2 and practicums in Level 3
  • Facilitate some of grounding exercises



  • Although some remuneration is provided for some of the tasks of the intern, it is primarily a learning opportunity
  • Approximately $1900 CAD can be earned during the internship


The September Cohort Internship:

The next CI training begins September 21, 2020. Submit your application for the September internship by July 15, 2020. We will notify candidates who have been accepted as interns by August 3, 2020.

Apply to Become a CI Intern