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The Compassionate Inquiry approach brings safety to the exploration of self, the present and the past. It can be used to accelerate the healing of individuals, communities and society.

To learn how you could create an impact and promote a more nurturing society globally; we invite you to our Compassionate Inquiry Free Information Session hosted by Sat Dharam Kaur ND. The trauma-informed programs are based on the work of Dr. Gabor Maté and Sat Dharam Kaur. The programs are designed and created to inspire a more compassionate world.

In this Free Information Session, you will receive:

  • An introduction to Compassionate Inquiry and the creators of Compassionate Inquiry
  • An introduction to all the upcoming programs in 2024, with details of:
  • The Objectives of each program— what they’re all about.
    Who can apply / register
    Application or registration dates and deadlines.
    The scope of post-CI Programs

This will be followed by a Q & A session, where you can ask your questions to our facilitators.

About Sat Dharam Kaur ND:

Sat Dharam Kaur ND is the co-creator and CEO of Compassionate Inquiry. She is an author and naturopathic doctor who specializes in addiction, mind-body medicine, and women’s health. She is a Compassionate Inquiry Founding Facilitator, Compassionate Inquiry Mentor as well as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.

A summary of our 2024 upcoming programs available in English 

1. Professional Online Training (September 2024 cohort):

Compassionate Inquiry is an approach to add to an already existing clinical and mental health practice. This program is a 240-hour, year-long, graduate-level online training in Compassionate Inquiry for personal and professional development.

2. Self-Study Short Course:

This program is an abridged version of the Professional Online Training, created for practicing professionals as well as lay people interested in gaining an overview of the Compassionate Inquiry approach, without the rigour of the Professional Training. It is self-paced and the option is now available to apply for a facilitated Short Course as well, which you can start at any time.

3. CI Circles: Online Group Support (September 2024 Cohort): 

CI Circles is a somatic-based psychotherapeutic online group support program facilitated by CI Circles Leaders. It runs for 10 weeks and utilizes self-inquiry to explore themes such as safety through connection, accessing the wisdom of the body, and authenticity.

4. Suicide Attention Training (October 2024 Cohort):

The Suicide Attention Training is a 25-hour trauma-informed professional training designed to increase your skills and confidence in supporting individuals experiencing suicidal ideation. It is delivered through 10 modules which include both didactic material and interactive, experiential exercises.

Compassionate Inquiry is an international program that has trained over 3500 participants from more than 90 countries, who continue to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

If you are new to Compassionate Inquiry and would like to know about our programs, we invite you to explore which program is best suited for you.

Please note: A recording of this live call, along with a presentation, will be shared with all those who register.

Feel free to share with others who may benefit. 

If you have any questions, please email anytime.

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