Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program

Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program Goals

The Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program is designed to enhance the Compassionate Inquiry Intern’s skills in Mentoring Compassionate Inquiry Participants and Compassionate Inquiry Practitioners, to increase their competency in the Compassionate Inquiry approach, and to support their personal and professional goals. Upon completion of the Mentor-in-Training Program and the approval by the Mentor-in-Training Teaching Team, you will receive the designation of CI Private Mentor.

To qualify for the Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program, you must: 

  • be a practitioner in good standing with your regulatory body
  • be certified as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner
  • adhere to the Code of Ethics of Compassionate Inquiry Practitioners 
  • have completed the 6-month Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program
  • have completed at least one internship in the year-long Compassionate Inquiry Internship Program
  • have taken a 30-hour or longer professional supervision course that is approved by Compassionate Inquiry Inc.
  • have liability insurance to practice Compassionate Inquiry unless it is unavailable in your country
  • have completed at least 20 personal therapy sessions as a client with a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner
  • have completed at least 500 hours of clinical practice as a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

About the Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program

The training participant, referred to as a Mentor-in-Training (MIT), is mentored by experienced Mentors from the Mentorship Program. The Mentor-in-Training TeachingTeam draws from expertise and knowledge across various disciplines, their work and experience in Compassionate Inquiry, and from professional supervision training, which follows current trends in facilitation and knowledge transfer.

The Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program actively engages its MITs during the 6-month program by observing pre-recorded mentoring sessions and providing graded critiques and engaging in both personal and group mentoring sessions.

Cost of the Compassionate Inquiry® Mentor-in-Training Program: $2700 CAD 

Payment Options
  • One payment of $2700.00 CAD
  • 3 payments of $935.00 CAD per month, over 3 months
  • 5 payments of $570.00 CAD per month, over 5 months
  • The price for the Mentor-in-Training Program is adjusted annually
Cancellation Policy:

This is an experiential program with limited spaces available. Since space is reserved for you when you register and pay, no refunds are available for this course.

For additional information, please get in touch with Stephen at, and your email will be answered within 72 hours, during the office working days, Monday to Friday (EST Time Zone). We appreciate your patience!

Compassionate Inquiry® Mentor-in-Training Program Application

If you are interested in applying for this program to train as a  CI Private Mentor, we look forward to receiving your application through this link.

The Mentor-in-Training Program Teaching Team

Allison Creech

Luke Sniewski

Sat Dharam Kaur

Michelle Peddle

Stephen Brown

Training Structure 

There are several components to the Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Program:

  1. Personal Mentoring Sessions, monthly (4 in total)
  2. Group Mentoring Sessions, monthly (5 in total)
  3. Written Video Critiques, monthly (5 in total)
  4. Monthly Mentoring Preparation and Role Play Sessions (5 in total)
  5. Mentoring Practice Sessions (2 per month, 12 in total with peers and L2 and L3 participants)
  6. Optional homework based on monthly themes
  7. Feedback forms from mentees to assess your skill

Personal Mentoring Sessions

  • You will be assigned a Mentor (Allison, Michelle, or Stephen)
  • Complete the ‘Compassionate Inquiry Mentor Competency Self-Assessment Form’ before meeting with your Mentor. This will guide your learning development plan
  • Your Mentor will meet with you for 4 individual mentoring sessions during the 6 months: 1 meeting per month from October-January
  • After your final session, the Mentor-in-Training Teaching Team will provide their assessment and any further recommendations on your readiness to qualify as a Private Mentor

Group Mentoring Sessions

  • Training Classes are held online for 2 hours per month throughout the 6-month Mentor-in-Training Program (5 classes in total beginning in September) and are led by Michelle and Stephen – Mentors from the Compassionate Inquiry Mentor-in-Training Teaching Team
  • Classes include didactic and experiential learning, exploring themes related to Compassionate Inquiry Mentoring, drawing on best practices and current trends in supervision and research 
  • Three Video submissions recorded in gallery view of Mentoring Sessions by MITs will be reviewed during each class with opportunities to engage in a lively discussion 
  • The Mentor-in-Training whose session is being reviewed submits questions and time codes regarding their video to allocate areas of focus for the review
  • The Dates for the 5 Monthly Classes are:
    • September 9 with Michelle from 8am – 10am EST
    • October 7 with Stephen from 11am – 1pm EST
    • November 4 with Luke from 5pm – 7pm EST 
    • December 2 with Allison from  11am – 1pm EST 
    • January 27, 2025 with Michelle from 8am – 10am EST

Written Video Reviews (5 in total)

  1. The Mentor-in-Training (MIT) receives access to the Kajabi platform to access previously recorded Compassionate Inquiry sessions between a practitioner and client (client consent was granted in all videos ). The MIT reviews the video. (5 videos are reviewed throughout the 6-month program; one per month beginning in September)
  2. The MIT provides a written synopsis of the recorded Compassionate Inquiry session (5 in total), including notations regarding how they might provide mentoring feedback to support the practitioner’s learning and enhance skill 
  3. A written synopsis of the video is submitted by the MIT in their MIT Folder
  4. A Mentor assesses the synopsis and provides feedback in the MIT’s google folder
  5. The MIT will receive thoughtful, supportive, and informative feedback designed to enhance the quality of the MIT’s feedback and enhance the MIT’s embodiment of Compassionate Inquiry Qualities, Skills, and Stepping Stones as a Mentor.
  6. The pace of the program involves reviewing one video per month and creating a synopsis for each, submitting the summary to your MIT folder once per month

Monthly Mentoring Preparation and Role Play Sessions (5 in total)

  • Meet monthly on scheduled Sundays for 90 minutes with Sat Dharam to gain skills in preparing for a mentoring session
  • Write a critique while watching a CI session video and then role-play being a mentor providing feedback
  • The Dates for the 5 Monthly Mentoring Preparation and Role Play Sessions Classes are:
    • September 23, 2024 from 8am – 9:30am EST
    • October 21, 2024 from 8am – 9:30am EST
    • November 11, 2024 from 8am – 9:30am EST
    • December 16, 2024 from 8am – 9:30am EST
    • January 13, 2025 from  8am – 9:30am EST

Mentoring Practice Sessions (2 per month, 12 in total with peers and with Compassionate Inquiry L2/L3 Participants)

  • The Mentor-in-Training (MIT) is assigned a peer to mentor each month and a Level 2 OR Level 3 Participant who brings a video to the MIT to be reviewed. Written consent must be obtained by both the ‘therapist’ as well as the ‘client’ for the video review using the consent form 
  • MIT reviews a live session or a 20-min recording of their peer doing Compassionate Inquiry with a client (client consent is required – consent form) and writes up a critique, following the guidelines provided
  • After viewing the recording, MIT meets with a peer and provides supportive, professional, and compassionate feedback as though the peer was a Mentee – this is recorded 
  • MITs will work with the same peer for each peer support session, following their progress through the training 
  • MIT Peers set their monthly schedule
  • The MIT records the session of themselves reviewing the participant’s Compassionate Inquiry session with their client in gallery view. This recording of the Mentoring Session can be reviewed in one of 3 ways.
    1. It can be brought to one of the Monthly Online Classes to be reviewed             
    2. It can be reviewed in a Personal MIT Review
    3. It can be submitted as the final exit video to determine if the MIT is ready to qualify as a Compassionate Inquiry Private Mentor.
  • The Compassionate Inquiry Participant completes the Mentoring Session Feedback Form immediately after the Mentoring Session 
  • A recording of their choice is brought to one of the Monthly Online Classes for review. Each MIT has an opportunity to showcase one of their Mentoring Session videos recorded in gallery view and receive supportive feedback from a member of the Mentor-in-Training Teaching Team in the Monthly Online Classes, over the 5-month period

Peer Support Homework Based on Monthly Themes

  • Review journal articles with a variety of topics related to supervision 
  • Answer questions related to monthly themes
  • Meet as a peer support team once weekly to discuss the homework together, as well as your process (optional)

Feedback Forms from Mentees (Participants) to Assess Your Skills

  • You will be asked to provide the Compassionate Inquiry Participants with the link to a Mentoring Session Feedback Form immediately after each Mentoring Session
  • On a monthly basis, your feedback will be gathered and provided to you
  • You and your Mentor will review the feedback and discuss any points which need development and celebrate what you are doing well 

Mentor-in-Training Program Completion Requirements

  1. Have attended 4 personal mentoring sessions
  2. Have attended 80% of the group’s monthly online classes and presented a video to review
  3. Completed the video reviews for Modules 1-5 and received feedback on your case studies
  4. Have attended 80% of the monthly mentoring preparation and role-play sessions
  5. Completed 12 Mentoring Practice Sessions
  6. Submit final Compassionate Inquiry Mentor Competency Self-Assessment Form

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