Join us for the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training, starting May 25 2020. The deadline for applications has been extended to April 15.



Therapists and health professionals are invited to participate in a 240 hour, year-long, graduate level online training in Compassionate Inquiry for personal and professional development.

Using Compassionate Inquiry, you will be able to unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real messages in clients that their words both express and conceal.


Why Join?

Would you like to increase your skills and effectiveness as a therapist or health provider, leading towards mastery?

Have you been impacted by the teachings and modelling of Dr. Gabor Maté?

Would you like to be part of an international community of Compassionate Inquiry Practitioners?

Would you benefit from a year-long therapeutic peer support and practice group?

Are you willing to spend at least 4-8 hours a week over the next year learning and practicing a new therapeutic modality?

If you said YES to any of these, this course is for you!


    The online CI training program is so thorough and comprehensive that accredited doctoral level courses that I have taken pale in comparison. The CI approach is a powerful synthesis of multiple psychotherapeutic approaches I find to be most helpful in working with those who suffer from addiction and trauma. The synergistic combination of videos, written content, online meetings, and triad work together has been deeply transformational personally and professionally. The way I work with clients has been forever enriched and is now guided by the Stepping Stones so that we are able to get to the core issues that have seeded their addictions, in order to gain insight, heal, and move into sustainable recovery from self-defeating patterns. Dr. Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam Kaur are a powerhouse team whose authenticity, genuineness, and commitment to creating and delivering an exceptional program shines through in this masterfully delivered collaboration.

    ~ W.H., Clinical Psychologist, Professor in Addiction Studies


    What You Will Receive:

    Dive into a thorough exploration of Compassionate Inquiry, a powerful therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté for healing trauma and understanding mental and physical illness. The course includes:

    • Over 30 hours of video with Dr. Gabor Maté teaching and demonstrating Compassionate Inquiry
    • Over 50 videotaped recordings and transcripts of Dr. Gabor Maté modelling Compassionate Inquiry with clients
    • Over 600 pages of transcripts compiled and organized from five 2-day Compassionate Inquiry workshops
    • 8 modules of teachings on safety, attunement, trauma, triggers, attachment, authenticity, diagnoses, memory, beliefs, emotions, pain, addiction, children and more … plus a recommended reading list for each module
    • At least fifty 60-90 minute practice sessions in dyads and triads with course participants, scheduled by you according to your availability
    • A total of twenty-five 90 minute online biweekly small group sessions to review the modules, lead by an experienced small group facilitator. Time slots that work in every time zone are available, and you will choose one time slot that remains consistent for the year. See the available time slots for the Feb 2020 Cohort below
    • Regular Q&A zoom calls with Dr. Gabor Maté to explore the material more deeply
    • Monthly Facilitated Workshops to witness CI in practice, and to hear feedback
    • Over 240 hours in total of engagement with peers, online facilitators, live Zoom calls with Dr. Gabor Maté, and video recordings

    Available time slots for the facilitated biweekly meetings in the May 2020 training are listed below. You will be given a link to select your time slot after you register and pay for the course. Please convert to your time zone:


    View the Course Outline.



    How You Will Benefit:

    This comprehensive Compassionate Inquiry course will help you:

    • Develop 9 essential qualities within yourself to be an effective therapist
    • Practice 9 experiential breathing exercises to enhance personal development
    • Benefit from practical tools including the Compassionate Inquiry Map and the chart of Feelings vs Perceptions
    • Learn how to maintain safety in the therapeutic container
    • Become more aware of the verbal and non-verbal cues of your clients
    • Learn the 7 Pillars of Compassionate Inquiry
    • Learn and practice the 22 skills required in Compassionate Inquiry
    • Discover and master the cycle of 17 Stepping Stones used in the line of inquiry
    • Become more effective in working with clients
    • Nurture compassion for all parts of yourself and others
    • Free yourself from unconscious beliefs that run your life
    • Connect to your in-the-present-self
    • Become more attuned to both the messages from your body, and to your clients



    Who You Will Meet:

    You won’t complete this journey alone. Along the way, you’ll have support from and contact with others, including:

    • Your course facilitator, during 25 bi-weekly meetings, 90 minutes each
    • Dr. Gabor Maté, during regularly scheduled group Zoom calls for Q&A
    • Your online cohort of approximately 17 other health professionals
    • Your pod of 5 others with whom you will practice CI throughout the year
    • The larger CI Community through a closed Facebook group and online forum


    How You Will Connect:

    You’ll have opportunities every week for multiple chances to work with others to successfully propel you along in your journey. Connections include:

    • Weekly 60-90 min practice sessions on Zoom with members of your pod
    • Bi-weekly 90 minute Zoom sessions with your course facilitator
    • Discussion group and Facebook group with the larger CI community
    • Regular group Zoom calls with Dr. Gabor Maté, for Q&A, approximately 8 per year. Calls will be recorded and recordings emailed to you afterwards.
    • Monthly Facilitated Workshops to observe online facilitators model CI, as well as Level 3 course participants who both model CI and receive feedback


    Be Prepared for a Deep Dive:

    The intensity of this program will be triggering for many, if not all participants, and will include an investigation of sometimes difficult emotional states originating in childhood. This program is designed to train therapists, and is not meant to be a container for personal therapy. Due to the depth of the work, we require that all participants be simultaneously engaged in regular personal therapy with a therapist of their choice.


    Your Commitment to Mastery:

    The program only works if you work on it! As part of this select group of individuals, you’ll need to:

    • Dedicate a minimum of 4-8 hours a week engaging with the material and practice
    • Read the online course material pdfs and watch the videos of Dr. Gabor Maté teaching and modelling CI
    • Complete the short quizzes for the videos in each module
    • Attend weekly 60-90 minute skill building sessions with your peers, practicing the elements of Compassionate Inquiry, for a total of 5O sessions or more within the year
    • Be prepared for your bi-weekly group meeting by answering the home practice questions provided for each module
    • Attend 25 bi-weekly 90 minute Zoom group calls with your online facilitator and maintain at least 80% attendance
    • Complete at least 25 case study forms
    • Complete a comprehensive Competency Assessment Form for yourself

    Certificate of Completion guidelines can be found here.


    Start Dates in 2020:

    There will be 2 more Start Dates in 2020:

    May Cohort:  May 25, 2020 – May 10, 2021 (applications open, details below)

    September Cohort:  Sept 21, 2020 – Sept 6, 2021


    Course Fees:

    Course Fee:  $3500 CDN if paying in one payment; $3800 CDN if paying in 6 payments of $633.33 CDN.

    * Note on payment plan: Members will be charged monthly until the number of payments is reached (6 payments of $633.33, scheduled automatically). The first payment will be processed immediately after checkout on the date of registration. We are unable to change these scheduled payments and expect that they will be paid on time. Late or missed payments may result in you losing access to the course materials.

    A limited number of subsidies are available for therapists, social workers, health professionals and others who work with clients and would otherwise be unable to afford the training. See below.

    Additional Fees:

    There is an additional cost of $100 CAD to receive CE credits – see below.


    CE Credits:

    • 40 CE credits for psychologists are provided by the Spiritual Competency Resource Center (SCRC) which is co-sponsoring this program. The Spiritual Competency Resource Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Spiritual Competency Resource Center maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
    • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts CE credits for LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFT license renewal for programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.
    • LCSWs, MFTs, and other mental health professionals from states other than California need to check with their state licensing board as to whether or not they accept programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.
    • SCRC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN Provider CEP16887) for licensed nurses in California.
    • For questions about receiving your Certificate of Attendance, contact [email protected] For questions about CE, visit or contact David Lukoff, PhD at [email protected]
    • The cost for those who would like to receive CE credits is $100 CDN. You will be given a link for this option when you finish the training.

    Application Process

    Applications for the May 2020 Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training are now being accepted.

    Our goal is to bring compassion, respect, acceptance, insight, healing, freedom and connection to humanity through an international community of skillful Compassionate Inquiry practitioners.

    The Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training is an intensive graduate level certification program designed to enhance the skills and effectiveness of professionals already working with clients. Applicants must be professionals currently in practice so that the skills learned in this program can be applied and developed further throughout the year long training. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis.


    Who May Apply?

    • Mental Health Professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, somatic therapists, hypnotherapists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, expressive arts therapists, addiction counselors, guidance counselors etc.
    • Medical and Alternative Medicine Professionals: medical doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, emergency medical workers, midwives, acupuncturists, TCM doctors, naturopathic doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, osteopathic doctors etc.
    • Bodyworkers: massage therapists, shiatsu therapists, Rolfers®, Craniosacral and Polarity therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners, yoga therapists, etc.
    • Others: educators, life coaches, mediators, clergy, chaplains, First Nations elders etc.
    • You must be currently in therapy while attending the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training to deal with personal issues as they arise

    If you are not a health professional and you are interested in learning Compassionate Inquiry, or if you are a health professional and you cannot make the full commitment to this intensive program, please consider registering for the Self-Study Short Course instead. It is intended for lay-people and professionals who want to learn Compassionate Inquiry, with less of an overall investment.



    The application is to confirm your eligibility. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. Once your application has been accepted, you will be invited to register and pay for the full program.

    If you are applying for a subsidy, DO NOT fill out the application below or pay the $50 fee until after you have been notified that a subsidy has been granted.


    May Cohort: May 25, 2020 – May 10, 2021

    The March 31 deadline has now been extended to April 15. Application and $50 fee due by: April 15, 2020.

    You will be notified of your acceptance into the May program by April 10, 2020, and will be invited to register and pay for the training. Registration and payment for the May training is closed on or after May 1, 2020.

    Apply Now



    Subsidies for the May Training:

    The course and subsidy applications for the May Cohort open Feb 1, 2020. Subsidy applications for the May program were due by Sunday Mar 1, 2020 and are now closed.

    A limited number of subsidies are available, with either 50% or 75% discounted from the course fee. Subsidies will be granted based on financial need, the number and type of clients you work with, and the economy of the country you live in. Please only apply for a subsidy if you:

    1. are committed and capable of attending the program you are applying for
    2. can pay the discounted rate for the course by the required date, in one payment
    3. are currently seeing clients. Subsidies are not transferable from one course to another, or from one person to another

    You will be notified if you have been granted a subsidy by Sunday, Mar 8, 2020. You must confirm acceptance of the subsidy by submitting your $50 application fee for the program by Monday Mar 16, 2020. If you do not confirm acceptance of your subsidy by Mar 16, your subsidy will be cancelled.

    We request subsidy applicants to register and pay for the program before Mar 30, 2020.



    September Cohort:  Sept 21, 2020 – Sept 6, 2021

    The course and subsidy applications for the Sept Cohort will open June 1, 2020. Subsidy applications are due by July 1, 2020. You will be notified if you have been chosen to receive a subsidy by July 8, 2020. You will be notified if you have been accepted into the program by July 30 and registration and payment closes on Aug 30, 2020.




    Cancellation Policy

    This is an experiential program with a limited number of spaces available. If you wish to withdraw from the program, you will be given a full refund if cancelling up to 4 weeks after the advertised start date of the course. No refunds allowed 4 weeks after the start date of the course.