Sheila Ann Tyacke (Siri Dharma)

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator and Practitioner

Sheila is a certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner.  She has been a facilitator of the online training since its inception in 2019.  She co-leads the Safety and Connection course that is part of the online training, where the focus is on creating safety in Compassionate Inquiry sessions. Sheila and Vimalasara Mason-John are the officers in the Integrity and Equality Office, where their function is to be part of resolving any disputes or conflicts that may arise in the context of the training.   Sheila is trained as a lawyer and is an accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the United Kingdom. She teaches Kundalini Yoga for addiction recovery in South Africa when she isn’t occupied with training and mentoring young lawyers.  She has training in Family Life counselling and Addiction counselling and is the lead trainer in South Africa of the Beyond Addiction program.  She has training in nonviolent communication.  Sheila considers herself a highly-sensitive person and has a deep interest in ensuring that highly sensitive people are welcomed and safely held in the online training course as well as in private mentoring sessions. 


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