On this page you will find links to submit your certification form and payment, FAQ about certification, as well as helpful information further down the page about re-certification.

Upon completion of the Mentorship program and upon receiving a recommendation for certification, please use the link below to apply for certification as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner:

Make a Certification Form Submission (Mentorship Completion)

*These links are for those who have recently completed the Mentorship Program and have been recommended for certification. If you are re-certifying or have not yet been recommended for certification by a mentor, please scroll down on this page for different forms and info.

Submit Certification Form:

Submit Certification Fee:

For the certification review by a facilitator or member of the certification team, or for an additional requested review e.g. to watch more videos from you, there is a fee of $230 CAD.

FAQ Regarding Certification

When can I apply for certification?

You are welcome to apply for certification once you have completed the mentorship program and submitted all the requirements for mentorship completion, as well as the requirements for certification. In addition you must receive the approval of your personal mentor to pursue certification.

What are the requirements needed to apply for certification?

There are a number of requirements in place for submitting your certification application including:

  1. A certificate of completion for the professional online training
  2. The completion of at least one 5 month block of the mentorship program
  3. Advised that you are ready to apply for certification by their designated personal mentor
  4. A complete log of 100 clinical practice hours of CI since beginning the mentorship program (50 required during the mentorship program; another 50 required for certification)
  5. Apply for certification within a one year period after completion of the Mentorship Program
  6. Completion of 10 case study forms for clients seen during the extra 50 hours of clinical practice required for certification 
  7. Submission of one video (up to 50 minutes) to the Certification Team for review. The video must be in Gallery View and the client must be someone who has not participated in the CI training
  8. Submission of liability insurance
  9. Payment of a certification fee of $230 CAD

My personal mentor has approved me for certification, now what?

Once you have completed all the requirements for the mentorship program and have received the approval from your personal mentor to proceed with a certification submission, you will receive a letter from our certification coordinator granting your certification review. This letter will outline the next steps in the process which includes a link to enter your submissions for certification (i.e. insurance, video for review) and a link to pay your certification fee).

What is the review process?

Over the course of the mentorship program, you are reviewed a total of 8 times by your personal and group mentors. Your personal mentor acts as your first reviewer, who guides and assesses your competency in CI. Once your personal mentor approves you to enter the next stage of certification review, your certification reviewer acts as your second reviewer who assesses your skills and competency as a CI Practitioner. Your certification reviewer is NOT one of your personal or group mentors.

The Certification Review Team determine if someone is ready to certify when they demonstrate proficiency in the CI competencies found in the CI Competency Form and CI Map as well as determining if the applicant is:

  1. Competent
  2. Attuned
  3. Confident
  4. Present
  5. Spontaneous, rather than adhering to rigid guidelines or a formula?
  6. Proficient in embodying and applying the CI Qualities, Skills and Stepping Stones?

There is also criteria used to exclude certification which includes:

  1. Did the participant have an agenda during the session, so was not attuned to the client in the present moment.
  2. Did the participant repeatedly miss important cues?
  3. Did the participant miss picking up on the client’s discomfort?
  4. Was the participant unable to process their own triggers internally, preventing them from being fully present with the client?
  5. You would not recommend this participant to someone you know to receive therapy.

If the certification team agrees that the candidate is certifiable and skilled in the CI competencies, they will be certified as a CI Practitioner and added to the CI website.

In the event that the second reviewer is inconclusive of your competency, a third reviewer is invited in to review your submission. We have found our review process to be very robust and demonstrates consistency among reviewers.

I have made my final submission for certification, when will I know the result?

Once you have submitted the required forms and final video for review, the certification coordinator will assign a reviewer to your submission. The reviewer will take up to 30 days to complete your review. Once the review is complete, you will receive a notice regarding your results.

I tried to make a submission, but my submission was rejected, why is this?

Your submission may have been rejected if one of the certification requirements listed above was missing or incomplete. 

You can find more details here.

I was not granted certification by the review team, what are my options now?

In the event that your submission is not approved for certification, the reviewer will make recommendations to you for areas of improvement and may require you to have a certain number of additional personal mentoring sessions with a mentor of your choice. You will have 1 year from the date of graduation from the mentorship program to submit another video.

What are the recertification requirements?

Recertification is required every 2 years. Please find more details on recertification below.

Re-Certification as a CI Practitioner:

The following is for those who have completed the Professional Training, completed the Mentorship Program, and have been certified as a practitioner.

The Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner must apply for recertification at least 30 days before the two-year expiration of the practitioner’s original certification date as listed on his/her/their certificate. If a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner does not re-certify, all of the privileges of certification are discontinued.

The requirements for recertification include:

  1. At least 50 hours of clinical practice in the previous year.
  2. At least 6 documented supervision or CI mentoring sessions in the previous year, during the first 2 years of clinical practice. Supervision may be obtained from an approved CI Mentor or from a psychotherapist/psychologist with background training in at least 50 hours of supervision.
  3. Submission of 5 case studies as well as a 30-50 minute review of 1 Compassionate Inquiry session with a client either in person, online or via a video recording.
  4. 20 CE credits every 2 years (see below)
  5. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance
  6. Recertification fee of approximately $230
  7. If the initial video is inadequate, allowance for 1 more video submission, for a second cost of $230, within 3 months of completion of the first video review.
  8. If the applicant is still not certifiable, he/she will be recommended to participate in a formal 5 month mentorship program.

Note: for participants in the 2019 Jan, Apr and Aug Cohorts, we invite you to re-certify within 2 years after the last day of your training. However, as per the agreement that was in place when your training began, your initial recertification may be after 3 years. Each subsequent recertification date will be every 2 years.

Form Downloads:

Download the 10 case studies fillable document here: