Compassionate Inquiry Circles are interactive, facilitated, experiential group sessions that introduce participants to key concepts and practices in CI, and initiate the process of Self-inquiry. CI Circle Leaders will guide groups of 8-18 circle participants through an eight-week series focussed on a different inquiry each week consisting of key questions. These questions help the client to experience and express what is true for them in the present moment, while simultaneously bringing awareness to what obstructs authentic expression. Participants will be encouraged to reflect and journal each week, and share their experiences and insights in their group. 

CI Circle Leaders will be invited to connect with other CI Circle Leaders every other month for peer support, to share best practices, as well as their experience leading the groups.

Qualifications to be a CI Circle Leader include:

  1. Has completed the year-long CI Professional Training.
  2. Has completed the 5-month Mentorship Program.
  3. Has completed the year-long CI Internship Program.
  4. Is certified as a CI Practitioner.
  5. Has an active clinical practice in CI, seeing at least 5 clients a week.
  6. Has attended at least 10 Master Classes with Gabor or watched the recordings.
  7. Is approved by Gabor, Sat Dharam and Team Leads for the CI Circle Leader position.
  8. Has participated in at least one round of CI Circles before leading a group

Circle Structure

Who Is Invited to Attend the CI Circle:  

  • anyone is welcome to submit an application, age 18 and over
  • could be an age-specific group for teens
  • can be an open, general group
  • can be specific target groups: 1) CI Circles for Recovery; 2) Eating Disorders; 3) Victims of Domestic Abuse; 4) Suicidal Ideation; 5) Anxiety and Depression; 6) Entrepreneurs etc.
  • can be online or in-person

Group Size:

  • minimum of 8, maximum of 18 per CI Circle Leader
  • each circle leader can determine their cap on numbers, as long as it is over 8 and under 18

CI Circle Meetings:

  • once weekly for 8 sessions
  • participants pay for and commit to 8 sessions
  • 1.5 – 2 hours depending on numbers (1.5 hrs if 10 or less; 2 hrs if 11-18)
  • start globally during the first week of every month, and continue for 2 months
  • CI Circle Leaders submit potential time slots
  • participants register through the CI online platform
  • participants can cycle through as many repetitions of the CI Circle sessions as they like
  • builds a supportive CI-informed international community

CI Circle Meeting Format:

  • CI Circle Leader guides a 2-11 minute grounding of their choice, depending on the nature and composition of their group. This could be a First Nation drumming and prayer; a body scan; a breathing exercise; dance or movement; a devotional prayer etc. (5 min)
  • Participants check-in related to last week’s theme. How was it for them during the week? What did they discover? What came up for them? (30 min)
  • CI Circle Leader utilizes CI with a few participants either during or after their check-in, being mindful of time (30 min)
  • After the check-in, the theme is presented for the current meeting, with questions to consider during the week, and to journal and process, related to the theme (20 min)
  • Ask participants to form dyads/triads and have them work with the new material briefly – practice a skill, or answer a question or share their experience (15 min)
  • Come back to the main group to share questions, experiences (15 min)
  • Closing ritual 2-11 minutes. Again, this could be prayer, meditation, movement, chant etc. (5 min)
  • Home Practice reminder

Participants are invited to continue to engage with the themes and questions in the 8 weeks ahead, and beyond, through personal practice and journaling. The focus will be on a different set of questions each week.

The Weekly Themes are:

Week One:  Access the Wisdom of the Body

Week Two:  Explore Your Triggers

Week Three:  Know What Happened to You

Week Four:  Express Your Authenticity

Week Five:  Address Your Needs

Week Six:  Practice Self-Compassion (Embrace Your Parts)

Week Seven:  Be Response-Able 

Week Eight:  Affirm the Possibility in You

Participants Receive:

  • Access to the Compassionate Inquiry 2-Day Workshop recordings from Vancouver, 2018
  • Transcripts of these recordings
  • Booklet with the Weekly Themes and questions pertaining to those themes
  • 8 sessions with CI Circle Leader

Payment Structure:

  • CI Circle Leaders are paid $120/hr CAD 

Cost for Participants:

  • regular price $500 CAD for 8 sessions plus recordings
  • will consider 3 price ranges for January 2022, depending on country of origin