Compassionate Inquiry Circles are deeply experiential online support groups open to all, designed and facilitated to introduce and initiate the process of self-inquiry, heal from past trauma, free oneself from limiting beliefs and connect to one’s essential Self. They are based on the work of Dr. Gabor Maté, further developed by Sat Dharam Kaur ND. They are led by highly skilled CI Circle Leaders who are all certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioners.

Some of the themes addressed in the weekly sessions include: finding safety within one’s body and nervous system; how to process a trigger; exploring what happened to you in childhood; expressing authenticity; knowing one’s needs; turning around unconscious beliefs; and expanding into possibility.

The Compassionate Inquiry Circles begin three times annually – at the start of January, April and September, and continue for 10 weeks. Each weekly session is 2 hours.

  • Deepen access to your present-moment experience
  • Become more aware of your emotions, somatic state, and beliefs
  • Heal from past trauma
  • Connect with others through a facilitated weekly support group

If you said YES to any of these, this Online Group Support is for you

Registrations for CI Circle September cohort are now open. Program begins: September 4th, 2023.

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Learn more about CI Circles

Compassionate Inquiry Circles are a somatic-based psychotherapeutic 10-week series focused on a different inquiry each week. Each inquiry consists of key questions which participants will be encouraged to reflect upon and journal; discuss with group members; and explore further during the week.

You Will Learn

  • Techniques for self-regulation
  • To befriend your nervous system
  • Experience safety within yourself
  • Understand your behavioural patterns and coping strategies
  • Explore the origin of your emotional and physical pain
  • How to work with your triggers
  • Develop self-compassion for all parts of you
  • Discover the wisdom in your trauma and utilize it for growth
  • Accept what happened to you
  • Experience freedom from your reactivity and limiting beliefs
  • Build your capacity to feel and experience your emotions
  • Connect with your inner child
  • Experience the Compassionate Inquiry approach
  • Reconnect to your true self
  • Celebrate the possibility that lies within
  • Become comfortable with your vulnerability
  • Connect to a supportive international community


CI Circles Are for

  • Anyone above the age of 18
  • Individuals who can commit to participate in all 10 group sessions
  • Individuals who want to increase their self-awareness 
  • Individuals prepared for a deep experience, that may be triggering and may bring up unresolved childhood issues
  • Bring a desire to connect with, listen to, and understand others and their unique experience, as well as your own

Because of the depth of self-reflection required, CI Circles are not suitable for:

  • Individuals in active addiction to substances
  • Individuals with severe mental illness

Weekly Themes Include:

  • Week 1:   Orientation Session
  • Week 2:   Safety through Connection
  • Week 3:   Access the Wisdom of the Body
  • Week 4:   Explore Your Triggers
  • Week 5:   Know What Happened to You
  • Week 6:   Express Your Authenticity
  • Week 7:   Address Your Needs
  • Week 8:   Practice Self-Compassion for All Parts of You
  • Week 9:   Be Response-Able
  • Week 10: Affirm the Possibility within You
Recording of Week 4 Circle Session

To ensure that the Circles are a safe and nurturing space for all participants, the Circle Leader will either record the Module 3 session in week 4 or invite a Circle Steward in to observe the session. Participants can decide which of these options they prefer. Our intention is to ensure and develop best practices and high standards among Circle Leaders. One of our commitments to a trauma-informed approach is to provide regular supervision to Circle Leaders.

Introducing CI Circle Groups

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Regular Price

Includes 10 Week CI Circles $800 CAD

Repeat Participant

Without the Compassionate Inquiry Workshop recordings, the cost is $400 CAD

Participant who has completed the Professional Online Training or Self-Study Short Course:

$400 CAD.

This discount is not transferable to someone else. To qualify for the discount, please send proof of course payment to [email protected]
Your email will be answered within 48h, during the Office working days, Monday to Friday.
We appreciate your patience!

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Are you an organization interested in enrolling individuals in Compassionate Inquiry Circles?

Please fill out this form to apply as an organization. You may contact [email protected] for additional questions.

Compassionate Inquiry Circles Discount Eligibility

  • You have already completed one cycle of the Compassionate Inquiry Circles and would like to attend again
  • You are currently enrolled in or have completed the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training
  • You have paid for and are registered for the Compassionate Inquiry Self-Study Short Course
  • If you fit one of the above categories, please email c[email protected] for the discounted payment link.

Cancellation Policy

This is an experiential program with a limited number of spaces available.

Since a space is reserved for you when you register and pay, there are no refunds available for this course 14 days prior to the start date, and thereafter. No exceptions. If you request a refund 15 or more days before the start date, it will be granted, minus a $250 CAD admin fee.

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Attendance Requirements for Circle Participants

To build and maintain the safety of the group, participants are required to attend at least 8 of the 10 meetings. If three meetings are missed, the participant will be removed from the google invite and the zoom invite.  If you wish to repeat the course after missing three sessions you will be able to do this at a 50% discount.

Course Withdrawal

Compassionate Inquiry Inc reserves the right to deny acceptance to a Compassionate Inquiry Circle applicant and to withdraw a participant from the Compassionate Inquiry Circle at any time if the Compassionate Inquiry Circle Leader or the admin team determine that a participant’s behaviour, attitude or views could negatively impact the quality of the Circle experience or group, or if the participant is not a good fit for the program. Compassionate Inquiry Inc, in its sole discretion, may terminate a participant’s participation at any time. If this should occur, Compassionate Inquiry Inc will refund the tuition paid for the training.