Soraya Romao-Inglis (Fateh Bir)

Circles Steward, Psychotherapist

As a trauma psychotherapist, Soraya offers the integration of Compassionate Inquiry (CI), IFS (Internal Family Systems), EMDR and mindfulness practices such as Kundalini Yoga in her sessions. She is trained in psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy which gives her the skills to support her clients during the integration process.

As a BIPOC person who was born in Brazil, and who has been a settler in Canada for over 20 years, she brings to her sessions the teachings received from her ancestors and her experience as an immigrant. She works from a multicultural compassionate lens, exploring with curiosity the presence of intersectionality in clients’ lives as well as its influences.

As for her self-care she spends her free time running, cycling, hiking and reading. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and her two stepdaughters and with her dog (Benjamin) in the Coast Salish People’s land.

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