Circle Leaders

This page lists available Compassionate Inquiry Circle Leaders who are certified to lead Circle Group sessions.

Dimitra Kalogeropoulou

Dimitra is a Registered Clinical Psychologist living in Thessaloniki Greece. Dimitra has a BA in European Cultural Studies, a BA in Psychology and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. She is a certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner, and has completed both the Compassionate Inquiry Internship and Mentorship Programs.  But most […]

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Alex Maizuss

Alex Maizuss is a highly regarded mindfulness intervention expert, personal development coach, and dedicated CI practitioner. She is warm and welcoming, and her extensive experience teaching groups allows her to create a safe and healing space. With training in Hakomi (Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy) and certifications in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction),

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Michelle Peddle

Michelle Peddle witnessed first-hand the powerful impact of blending Eastern spiritual practices with Western psychology in her early 20’s. She utilizes these diverse practices, philosophies, disciplines, and theoretical perspectives to provide her clients with a unique individualized approach to healing. Equally evidence-based and spiritually aligned, Michelle offers unique opportunities to learn,

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Priya Duggal

Priya Duggal ND is a registered naturopathic doctor practicing in Vaughan, Ontario. The areas of focus in her practice are breast cancer, autoimmune disorders, addictions, and mental health. She is a firm believer of Mind-Body Medicine. Priya is a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Facilitator, Educator, and Circle Leader. She was born

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Lorraine O’Mullane

Hi, I’m Lorraine. As a Mentor, my intention is to support your growth and learning as you deepen your Compassionate Inquiry practice. My aim is to offer you an experience of collaborative learning similar to the one offered to me when I was a Mentee. These 5 months transformed not

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Rachèl Hughes

Rachel is an experienced secondary school educator with a passion for empowering students through positive psychology, and social justice education. Rachel holds a B.A in Psychology and Computer Studies and a Bachelor or Education. Beyond her teaching career, Rachel is a multifaceted professional. As a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and Counselling

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Steve Borloz

Hi, I’m Steve. My own journey of self-discovery started in 2012, however I only came across Gabor’s work in 2016 when I read his book, ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts’. His life changing approach to mental illnesses and addiction planted a seed which has only grown through the years.

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Ildiko Acs

Ildi has twenty years of experience in Human Resources in the corporate world. Her unhealthy attachment to work and her commitment to understand her own destructive behaviors led her to CI, where she was looking for answers until discovering her authentic self with the support of the caring and compassionate

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Alexandra MacKay

Alexandra’s intention is to create a safe, attuned, compassionate and non-judgmental presence in which healing, growth and connection is possible. She has worked more than 16 years in non-profit community mental health and addiction agencies, as well as child-welfare.  Currently, she’s employed at a hospital providing clinical services in the outpatient,

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Pamela Sommer

Pamela is a Registered Massage Therapist and an EFT International – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.  She has a unique approach, blending the art of EFT and Compassionate Inquiry with a strong foundation of bodily awareness.  Pamela lives in Rural Ontario on an off grid homestead with her two homeschooled

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