Annual Membership for the Compassionate Inquiry Circles Participants:

Our vision is to bring compassion, respect, acceptance, insight, healing, freedom and connection to humanity through an international community of those who are on a self exploration journey using Compassionate Inquiry. We can fulfill this vision by supporting your continued learning of Compassionate Inquiry and by connecting you to one another through an annual membership.

You are invited to join the membership when you have completed your participation in the Compassionate Inquiry Circles. By purchasing the membership, you will get access to CI Circles Monthly Follow-up Zoom Meetings. There will be 10 monthly two-hour sessions, beginning in January each year.

The intention behind creating regular follow-up meetings for participants who have completed the Compassionate Inquiry Circles is to:

Build Connection

One of the gifts of group processes is the connections within a community which shares the same values and intention towards healing. Though we may live in different communities, the issues we navigate are similar. Feedback we received from you was that you valued the sense of belonging in the CI Circle, which we would like to facilitate further through creating a regular space where we can hold one another in compassion and understanding.

Dive Deeper

Revisiting the materials of each module allows for deeper inner work as new layers of specific themes are uncovered. During the sessions, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own personal experiences through key questions and to share them in the group/smaller breakout rooms.

Connect to the CI Approach

You will have more opportunities to process what arises for you in the sessions through short CI interactions with the Circle leader and to witness other participants’ process while reflecting on your own. This is also an opportunity to allow yourself to be heard in a non-judgemental space.

Connect to Your Authentic Self

Once a safe space is created, participants can express themselves authentically by sharing whatever arises within themselves. Using the body as an inner compass, we can connect to the truth within and choose to respond to day-to-day challenges in a way that is more aligned with our essence. Through regular meetings, participants can practice this authentic expression and anchor it as a “new normal”.

Contribute to Collective Healing

Together we can contribute to a world which is more aware and compassionate, and collective healing. It’s only through our inner work that we can change the world around us. We become wounded in our early relationships, and we heal in relationship to others.

Please share any other ideas of what you would like the membership to include here.

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