Dr. Luke Sniewski

Private Mentor, Life Coach

My name is Luke. I’m a Wellbeing Coach and Somatic Therapist. I’m also a Facilitator, Mentor, and Practitioner of Compassion Inquiry. Within the context of mentoring, I enjoy – maybe a little too much – unpacking the richness, depth, and wisdom within every single moment of a Compassionate Inquiry session. There is so much to learn about the client – and therapist – if only we pay attention to the small and sometimes overlooked details. I also believe there is no right/wrong or good/bad choices in Compassionate Inquiry… there is only possibility.

For those wanting to work with me as their mentor, know that the end goal is not to acquire knowledge of the Compassionate Inquiry stepping stones (though there will be some exploration of those where releant), but rather to deepen the awareness of who you are as a practitioner within session, to become aware of subconscious patterns that erode the client’s sense of autonomy, and learn what it means to – truly – trust the client’s innate process of healing.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64-204-103-0657
Location: Auckland, New Zealand