Compassionate Inquiry Certification Privacy Policy

Greetings Compassionate Inquiry Certification Applicant,

This post outlines the security and privacy of your certification form submission data, and how Compassionate Inquiry Inc collects, stores and uses your data. In accordance with GDPR and PIPEDA (data protection legislation in the EU and Canada), you have the right to know how we will use the personal information collected from these submissions, who will have access to the information submitted, where they will be stored and when they will be deleted. 

When you submit and upload sensitive information via the certification form, your information is stored privately online, in a secure Google Account. This includes all videos, forms and documents uploaded. Compassionate Inquiry Inc is responsible for the security of this information uploaded through the form. The information and documents you submit will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the organization and certification team for this form, and will only be used for the purposes of the certification process. 


Video Uploads:

We recommend you upload videos through the certification form directly when you are instructed to do so, but if you have problems there is another option, where you can upload to an online service and share the links in the certification form. If you do this, please be aware of protecting the privacy of your videos, and that you are responsible for ensuring this privacy. There are many online services you can use, however here are three options:

  • Vimeo – Password-protected private video uploads. The free plan only offers 500mb of uploads per week, so in order to upload all five videos you will likely need to upgrade to Vimeo Plus – $9/month. You can delete your subscription after two months or so, after the videos have been reviewed and when you remove the videos from the platform. For information on Vimeo video Privacy, see here.
  • Youtube – Unlisted video setting. It offers private video uploads (but not password-protected), however for our purposes Unlisted is the best option. Youtube offers free unlimited video uploading. For information on how to make private Youtube videos, see here.
  • Private Cloud Storage – Dropbox, Zoom Cloud, Google Drive etc. If you have one of these services and enough storage space, you can upload videos to a folder in your account and create links to share in the certification form. 

If you are personally storing these videos in any of the modalities listed above, you must let your client know and receive their permission for how you are storing it, how the privacy of the files is protected, and when the files will be deleted. You may want to add this information to the “Compassionate Inquiry Permission to Record Form”.

With regards to the deletion of your data after your videos have been reviewed (outlined below), if you upload through the certification form, we will delete your data after the review is complete. If you submit through one of the online services listed above, it is your responsibility to delete the video files yourself after the completed review.


Compassionate Inquiry Permission to Record Form:

Please have all of the “clients” and/or course participants who are in your practice video sign a Compassionate Inquiry Permission to Record form, and upload these forms to the certification google drive link when you upload your videos. Here is the form to download. Compassionate Inquiry Permission to Record Session 

It would be best if all 5 of your forms are submitted in 1 Word document. You will also find this form in the Introductory Module Orientation section of the online platform.


Uploading Your Documents to the Compassionate Inquiry Certification Google Form:

Close to midway through Level 3, you will be emailed the link to the Compassionate Inquiry Certification Google Form, where you will first upload your 25 case studies, followed by your videos, 4 Competency Forms and proof of liability insurance.


The Certification Process:

The certification process on our end goes as follows: two members of the organization team will organize and check for errors in the files, then hand to the certification team to review. Up to three members of the certification team (comprised of facilitators) will then review the submission collaboratively, in-depth. If given consent to do so, the videos and files you upload through the form may be downloaded by us if it is necessary for the completion of your review, with the understanding that it will be securely deleted after being reviewed. The videos and files will be deleted from our system within 60 days of your final submission, after the certification team has completed the review.

Members of the organization team for the certification form include Kristen Delorenzi and Gurudayal Khalsa.

Members of the certification team include Sat Dharam Kaur, Gabor Maté, Dave Petersen, Lara Longo, Maria Egervari, Natalia Sotomayor (Sanjog), Rhonda-Mae Nelson, Sat Charan Simran Kaur, Sheila Tyacke, Valerie Mason-John (Vimalasara) and Wendy Harris.

For help with your certification, you may contact the organization team:

You may contact Compassionate Inquiry’s appointed Security Officer, responsible for procedures to protect personal information, for receiving your privacy-related questions, and for providing you with information about our privacy practices, via email at .

This Certification Privacy Policy is a living document and will be subject to change over time, and is open to both your concerns and suggestions.

Thank you for your patience and participation in this certification process.  


the Compassionate Inquiry Certification Team

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