Annual Membership (Facilitated Short Course)

Annual Membership for the CI Facilitated Short Course:

Our vision is to bring compassion, respect, acceptance, insight, healing, freedom and connection to humanity through an international community of skillful Compassionate Inquiry Practitioners. We can fulfill this vision by supporting your continued learning of Compassionate Inquiry and by connecting you to one another through an annual membership.

You are invited to join the membership when you have completed the Facilitated Short Course.

Our Intention for the Annual Membership

We invite past participants of the Facilitated CI Short Course to continue their learning through an annual membership in the CI Short Course Support Program, where they will revisit the Modules, engage in discussion and have an opportunity to ask questions, and share successes and challenges. There will be 10 monthly two-hour sessions, beginning in January each year.

The intention behind creating regular monthly follow-up meetings for participants who have completed the Compassionate Inquiry Short Course with Facilitation is to:

Build Connection

Though we may live in different communities and service a variety of demographics, the issues we navigate in the populations we work with are similar. We can support and learn from one another as we share our challenges and successes, and use our collective knowledge and experience as a resource. There is comfort in knowing that we are part of an international community making a difference in our local population.

Enhance Engagement

Regular meetings help maintain past course participants’ engagement, enthusiasm, exploration and integration of the materials. The monthly meetings build accountability and allow participants to share resources, discuss course material, seek feedback from peers and CI Short Course Leaders, and network together.

Deepen the Learning

Revisiting a module from the course each month allows participants to reinforce the themes for each module; reflect on the questions to uncover; address new layers of what arises; and benefit from listening to the experience of others doing the same. There will also be opportunities to ask questions regarding case studies.

Clarify the Approach

Participants have an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification about the course material and the CI approach. Participants will be provided with a questionnaire prior to each monthly meeting to add questions or topics that they wish to discuss during the upcoming meeting, both with the CI Educator and as a group.

Establish Best Practices

As we work together using the Compassionate Inquiry approach in our separate communities, we will develop processes and practices that are successful in generating healing in both individuals and the community as a whole. We can then share those practices to generate a model that can be adapted and utilized by other communities.

Facilitated Short Course Annual Membership registration will open in October 2024.

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