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Aisling Quiery

I qualified as an NHS doctor in 2010 and as a GP (family doctor) in 2016. As a GP, I worked mostly in areas of high deprivation, with patients living with significant childhood trauma, addictions, homelessness and ill health. I saw the limitations of the medical model in explaining the root causes of chronic disease. I now work with clients one-to-one and in groups, bringing together my skills and knowledge as a medical doctor and my training in Compassionate Inquiry to go beyond symptom management to support healing at a deeper level. My vision is that the people I work with understand themselves more deeply so that they can move beyond their challenges to be able to fully express themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am also setting up a Community Healing Centre, to bring together a range of healing modalities and approaches to support patients with chronic conditions.

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Belfast, UK

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