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Anna Sólyom

Anna is a psychosomatic therapist, offering a synthesis of different approaches, from simple stress release techniques to a deep understanding of an individual’s trauma and transgenerational heritage. She has a gentle and firm approach of guiding healing journeys, creating space for personal potential and health to be restored from within. 

She combines Biodynamic Craniosacral and Cardiovascular Therapy and TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises), and is a ritualist within the framework of Ancestral Medicine of Dr. Daniel Foor to address transgenerational trauma through Ancestral Lineage Healing.

She's a Reiki master and a Moon Mother®, offering womb healing and womb balancing sessions for women within the framework of Miranda Gray. 

Anna holds a MA in Philosophy, and lives in Spain, Barcelona since 2012. She is a writer of four books, and her first novel is translated to 14+ languages. 

You can work with her online or in person in Barcelona or Budapest. 


  • Languages Spoken

    English, Spanish, Hungarian

  • Profession

    Somatic Therapist

  • Accepting New Clients


  • Other Certified Training

    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapist, Certified TRE® Provider and TRE® Trainer Trainee, Moon Mother® (Level 3) and remote practitioner, Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho), Ancestral Medicine practitioner in training preparing to certification, MA of Philosophy.

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  • Sliding Scale Available



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