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Ashwini G

I have walked three paths from studying wildlife to experiential educator to a therapy practitioner all in the search of this question – “Why are people disconnected from themselves? And, how can I help people reconnect with themselves and their lives?”.

My body of work is that of Awareness, Attention, Agency and Action.

Through therapy, we:

  • Become more AWARE of how your life experiences show up in your bodies, beliefs, behaviours, emotions and relationships.
  • Pay closer ATTENTION to your body and life experiences to harness presence, compassion, emotional maturity, resilience and wisdom.
  • Have increased AGENCY and response-flexibility in the present, relationships and choices you make in it.
  • And support you to live from a space of belonging, wholeness and authenticity

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    English Kannada Telugu and Hindi

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    (Expressive) Arts based therapy Leadership in Mental health Diploma in Experiential Education and practices


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