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Barbara Guevara

Barbara is a Metta-therapist, a compassionate and mindfulness-based approach, with a strong somatic component.

Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, and sustained by the scientific knowledge of modern psychology and neuroscience, Barbara creates a safe support to your process, to release emotional issues, improving mental health and sense of wellbeing.

Barbara merges mindfulness practices, and other eastern and western ancient wisdom, with several trauma-informed approaches (e.g. Compassionate Inquiry, IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experience, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, MBCT, MSC and MBSR.).

She is currently working with clients from all over the world.

Barbara also leads retreats, workshops and trainings; develops mindfulness-based programs and breathwork protocols for individuals and organizations; teaches Buddhism and meditation; as well as being a senior Yoga teacher for more than 20 years. She also developed protocols for mental training and health improvement, that include water fasting and ice bath immersions.

She is also a Somatic Breathwork coach, Cranio-sacral therapist, Sound Massage Professional Practitioner (Peter Hess® Method), a Reiki Master, and a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist.

In parallel to her spiritual path, she has been a journalist and a tireless activist, campaigning and giving voice to racial equality, gender equality, human rights, LGBTQ+ rights, religious freedom, and animal rights.

Barbara is a mother of two born children and two unborn souls, married twice, and with her own personal journey through abuse, addiction and some health challenges. A path that led her to a powerful and deep work, through various modalities, including shamanic and spiritual practices.

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Languages Spoken
Portuguese, English, French and Spanish
Other Certified Training
- Completed Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program
- Completed CI-Informed Suicide Attention Training
- Advanced Master on the Treatment of Trauma, with NICAB (USA)
- Psychological First Aid Program, by Johns Hopkins University (USA)
- Professional Training for Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice, with Tara Brach
- Mindfulness Training for Anxiety and Sleep, with Tara Brach
- MBSR – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training, UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness
- CranioSacral Therapist, at Upledger Institute Portugal
- Somatic Breathwork coach, at BreathMasters Academy
- Senior Yoga Teacher, by Yoga Alliance Professionals
- Yoga Massage and other Thai Yoga Massage techniques
- Sound Massage Professional Practitioner, Peter Hess® Method, at Peter Hess Academy (Peter Hess Institut, Germany)
- Sound Healing Therapist
- Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Master
- Journalist, M.A.
- Economics, B.A.


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Rua Alemanha, Carcavelos, Portugal

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