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Cindy Morrissey

My name is Cindy and I live in beautiful North Dublin, about ten minutes from the sea.

I run this small and mighty business called EKKO Therapies supporting women of all ages to transform their pain through Shiatsu and Compassionate Inquiry. I love working with mindful touch to rebalance, gentle movement to mobilize, breathwork to bring back calmness within, and Compassionate Inquiry to talk through the things that we can’t seem to let go of.

I’m passionate about exploring ways that help you restore vitality and health one bit at a time. I’m passionate about you being able to enjoy the things most important in your life. So I listen. A lot. To you and to your body. Your body knows everything and it is the source of your vitality and true happiness.


  • Languages Spoken

    English, German

  • Profession

    Body Worker

  • Other Certified Training

    Shiatsu Therapist Autogenic Training Teacher

  • Hourly Rate in CAD



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