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Dawn McCormick

I have consistently maintained that each person given a safe inner and outer environment is capable of healing.

Each person within has the capacity to observe themselves consciously.  Observe patterns, behaviors, thoughts, that which obstructs one from being fully present to and of themselves authentically.

Through the process of exploration, curiosity, openness, and expansion one can see parts of self, their personality and coping.  Permit one to see the necessity and function of them without identifying them as self presently, accept and hold versus pushing them away, hiding or projecting.

I started Compassionate Inquiry August 2019, although trained in many modalities, I continue to utilize compassionate Inquiry specifically.

I have yet to experience other techniques, modalities, approaches that have the capacity, safety, and fullness that I have experienced with compassionate Inquiry.

I am presently employed in Mental health, trauma, and addictions; Assistant manager at Ozanam recovery house, a second stage addictions facility for adult men.

I have worked predominantly within this field for 15 plus years.  I find the population I serve both rewarding and real.

In Gratitude, Dawn McCormick.

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Diploma of Counseling Science. Psychosocial, childhood and developmental trauma, addiction, mental health, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief and loss, prison release, and family violence,
ADHD First Nations


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West Kelowna, BC, Canada

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