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Diana Curtis

Diana is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.  She has more than 35 years of experience as a Public Health Advisor.  And decades of experience working with individuals who are dealing with trauma, significant losses and grief.  

Her focus on trauma and grief-informed recovery continues to inspire and guide individuals to create a life of well-being and wholeness through holistic and renewed mind-body-spirit health. 

Diana works with individuals to shift and transform patterns of stress and habits created as coping mechanisms to protect them from past hurts and pain. 

She has a special interest in addressing and healing the effects of racialized trauma within the body.

Diana is the Founder of Coaching to the Heart, LLC and Holistic Springs, Inc., a for-profit and non-profit created to support individuals struggling with traumatic losses; and, to support the reduction of recidivism among women dealing with incarceration caused by addictions and other abuses.

Diana is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Ministry Counselor. 

Her voice is heard all over the world as Host of the “Growing Through Grief Podcast”.  

She is a Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, and has completed the Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program.

Diana’s heart is filled with grace and compassion that she gets to serve and support others as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.  


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  • Profession

    Counselling Therapist

  • Specialties

    BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour)

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  • Other Certified Training

    Spiritual Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Meditation Certification

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