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Elaine Riché

With 20 years’ experience in complementary therapies, I specialise in reflexology and Compassionate Inquiry. I find that both are transformative modalities that combine synergistically, to great effect. Growing up in Northern Ireland with the backdrop of the intergenerational trauma of the Troubles, has developed a passion to take this work out into the community.

My private practice encompasses both in person and on-line sessions. My community work involves programmes for people living with a cancer diagnosis, mental health issues and general wellbeing. I also event manage bereavement retreats hosted by Spiritual Care, Dzogchenbeara.

I feel deeply privileged to work with people on their healing journey and I am forever grateful to the teachers and experiences that have led me to this work.


  • Languages Spoken

    English and French

  • Profession

    Somatic Therapist

  • Specialties

  • Other Certified Training

    B.Ed IRI diploma in Reflexology ACDLT Deep Listening Touch for Health Kinesiology IET auricular accupuncture


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