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Erika Aguirre Spensley

Erika Aguirre Spensley

Erika is a conscious and compassionate expert coach.

She believes that being conscious and compassionate with our present moment opens the door for long lasting healing and new possibility. Her practice will empower you with the skills and strength to be fully there for those that need you the most, and to be your greatest self.

With over 20 years of experience in the journey of childhood trauma, her research and purposeful blend of complementary modalities, creates a powerful and peace giving integrated framework. She supports her clients to effectively re-connect with their inner wisdom, by co-creating a state of mind that is full of new realizations and possibilities for themselves and the people they love.

Originally from Mexico, and her wide experience living in six different countries, enables her to connect with all souls meaningfully.

It will be her honour to hold your hand and walk together through the tunnel of difficult emotions to growth and vibrant wellbeing.



  • Languages Spoken

    Spanish, English

  • Profession

    Life Coach

  • Specialties

    BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour)

  • Other Certified Training

    Master’s degree in Natural Sciences, Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program, Compassionate Inquiry Suicide Attention Training, Compassionate Inquiry circles, Compassionate Inquiry Internships, Conscious Parenting Coaching, Introduction to Internal Family Systems, The Science of Well-Being, Trauma sensitive practice, Early childcare education, Dance fitness Instructor, Therapeutic massage, Environmental conservation, Bachelor of Forest Engineering


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