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Fredrik Wretman

The purpose of therapy is to become whole. You become whole when you truly meet yourself. I´m not saying it is easy. The answers are within you, but you are also the person guarding yourself from those answers. The answers could be viewed as adaptations you have had to make in your life and which so far have performed a crucial function for you. But where you are today, these adaptations may actually be an obstacle to you being whole. I offer you a process where can explore yourself, in safety – with body, mind and soul connected

Fredrik has worked with addiction and trauma the last 17 years, today using Compassionate inquiry and Trauma informed yoga. He is active within Prison yoga project Scandinavia. He has degrees in education and psychology and several types of modalities, for example Transactional analysis, Moral reconation therapy and Breaking the chains of trauma.

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Swedish and English
Other Certified Training
Master in Education, Forensic psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry and criminality , Supervisor in psycho social work, Addiction and family network, Trauma informed yoga (TAY-70 & TAY -130 ongoing TAY 300), Psychology 1, Social law, Moral reconation therapy, Breaking the chains of trauma, Transactional analysis, Community reinforcement approach, Motivational interviewing, Aggression replacement training, ACE aware. Currently in Compassionate inquiry Suicide attention training.
Addiction ADHD Adolescents Alcohol Use Anxiety Asperger's Syndrome Autism Behavioural Issues Bipolar Disorder Borderline Personality (BPD) Codependency Depression Domestic Abuse Dual Diagnosis Eating disorders Education and Learning Disabilities Family violence Gambling Intellectual Disability Internet Addiction Men's Issues Narcissistic Personality (NPD) Parenting Self-harm Sexual Abuse Sexual Addiction Stress Substance Use Suicidal Ideation Trauma and PTSD Video Game Addiction


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Packhusgatan 4, Norrköping, Sverige

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