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Georgina Navarro

My encounter with the work of Gabor Maté was in the year 2020, as I was searching for more tools to enrich my practice as an Art Therapist and Educator.

What I uncovered was a tremendous wealth of personal growth that ended up allowing a re-connection with my self and thus also extending my capacity to support others in their life processes.

I was born in Honduras in 1978, raised in Mexico, and currently based in Brazil.

Forced migration, sexual abuse and family dysfunctions were part of my formative years. Nowadays, after a lot of and continuous personal work, I can translate all those adverse childhood experiences into tools to help others who find themselves in or have been in similar situations.

I bring 16 years of hands-on experience to my work, where I've been dedicated to supporting children, teenagers, parents, and adults in their healing journey and helping them establish healthier relationships with both themselves and their surroundings.

Feel free to schedule an intro call at no cost, Zoom all around the world or in person in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Spanish, Portuguese and English speakers are welcome.

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  • Languages Spoken

    English, Spanish, Portuguese

  • Profession

    Trauma Therapist

  • Specialties

    Adolescents, Anxiety, Autism, Behavioural Issues, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), Child, Codependency, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Education and Learning Disabilities, Family violence, Grief and loss, Parenting, Racial Identity, Refugees, Self-harm, Sexual Abuse, Trauma and PTSD

  • Other Certified Training

    Post Graduate Diploma in Antrophosophic Art Therapy, Trauma Informed Expressive Arts (EXAT-CE), 
Compassionate Inquiry, year long training, Mentorship and Internships, 
ACE awareness educator -Adverse Childhood Experiences, 
Mindfulness Self Compassion, Emergency Pedagogics, 
Registered Waldorf Educator for elementary school, Major degree in Graphic Arts


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