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Ines Raluca Dumitriu

Ines is a brave, perseverant, and relentless warrior. Nevertheless, she had to accept defeat in the war against her body that was going on for more than twenty years. To every blow she brought on, her body replied with kindness, patience, and love. And finally, Ines understood that her longtime friend wanted compassion, healing, and peace.

She is now a certified Flow Coach and Nirvana Fitness instructor. She works with tools and approaches that help release old energy and trauma from the body, and process strong emotions and limiting beliefs. She helps her clients bring more ease and meaning into their life.

Compassionate Inquiry was the missing piece of puzzle she never knew she lost. It was love at first sight. The journey was unexpected and eventful and it made her look deeper into her soul and connect better to her true self. Now she is ready to live her life to the fullest and be a contribution to the people who choose to work with her.

Ines is also a Reiki practitioner, novel writer, and mother to a child and a cat.

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Languages Spoken
English, Romanian
Other Certified Training
Completed Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program
Flow Coach Certificate
Nirvana Fitness instructor certificate
Personal Development Counselor certificate
anxiety grief and loss self-esteem trauma


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Iași, România

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