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Irina Ungureanu

Irina is a trauma-informed therapist specializing in her private practice in support for suicidal distress, mood disorders and psychedelic integration. She is a public speaker, trainer and lecturer on personal development and mental health, as well as a plant medicine facilitator.
For the past years she has been a facilitator of the Suicide Attention space – monthly meetings of support within the CI training, as well as coordinator of the Suicide Prevention and Support Team within CI – for anyone in the training that might be experiencing suicidal distress, and co-creator of the Suicide Attention Training.

Continuing her own trauma recovery journey, Irina found CI to be an eye-opening modality to regain our wholeness and restore the body-mind-spirit balance. She is grateful and passionate in supporting others on their path to trauma healing, by providing a safe compassionate holding for growth, self-discovery and life-affirming awareness.

Irina offers consultations via Zoom or in person, in Bucharest.


  • Languages Spoken

    English, Romanian, French

  • Profession

    Trauma Therapist

  • Specialties

    ADHD, Plant medicine integration

  • Other Certified Training

    BA in Performative Arts, MA in Pedagogy, specialization in Psychoanalysis in Pedagogical Processes, PhD in Interculturalism Completed Mentorship in Compassionate Inquiry Transpersonal Psychology Certification Suicide Prevention training - Managing Suicidality with High­Crisis DBT Clients, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for Suicidality: Overcoming Stuck Points and Creating Mental Flexibility, New Insights and Strategies: Crisis Safety Planning with Youth and Teens


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