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Jina Mahbubani

Jina has her Bachelors degree in Computer science and a Masters Degree in Education with a focus in counseling. Jina has a background in teaching Computer science in High school, Math & Psychology at the University of Sint Maarten and for the last 13 years has been a School Guidance Counselor at the Special Education primary school on the island of St.Maarten, in the Caribbean. Jina is trained as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Creative Arts Therapist and an Imago Therapist (couples’ therapy) where she utilizes these training in the work with children, parents and private clients. 

Jina has completed the CI year long program, CI mentorship program, the internship program for two consecutive years as well as an intern for the CI circle group. Jina has also completed the CI suicidal training and the Mentorship internship program. 

Jina is honored to be a CI practitioner where she can work with her clients to deal with the trauma they face in their daily lives due to past wounds. Jina remembers standing in the class in high school teaching computer science to the children and realizing that first and foremost these children need love and affection in order for them to cope and to be seen and heard. That moment changed Jina’s direction and has led her to working with children, couples and families using all the techniques she has acquired in the last couple of years. 

Jina enjoys the little things in life such as a swim at the beach, cooking, singing, dancing and playing board games. Jina believes that spending time with self, family and friends are the best things in life. Jina’s compassionate nature brings smiles and laughter to clients she works with as that is her passion. 

Jina is available for sessions on Zoom.

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Languages Spoken
Other Certified Training
Supervision Training with Jeff Chang
Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program
Compassionate Inquiry Internship Program
Compassionate Inquiry Suicide Training
Compassionate Inquiry Circles Pilot Program and Interned twice
Compassionate Inquiry Mentor Internship Program
Creative Art Threapist Certification
Imago Therapy Certification


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18 Breaded fig tree drive, diamond estate, Colebay, St.Maarten Caribbean

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