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Judy Dempewolff, Ph.D.

Judy is a Ph.D. licensed Psychologist in the state of Massachusetts, with over 50 years experience as a clinician. She has completed the year long training in Compassionate Inquiry, as well as the Mentoring Program, and is certified as a Practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry. She brings her warmth and experience to her practice, as well as her wisdom from the years spent as a Psychologist. She has had training in a variety of modalities, but what a client brings and needs is always the primary focus.


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    Addiction, Alcohol Use, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Couples, Depression, Eating disorders, Grief and loss, Marriage Counselling, Self-esteem, Spirituality and ritual, Stress, Substance Use, Transgender, Trauma and PTSD

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    Compassionate Inquiry sessions are available to Massachusetts residents, due to current license regulations.


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