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Katrina Johnston

Hi there my name is Katrina. I’m a certified yoga teacher and bodyworker and currently in the CI Mentor-in-Training Programme to become a certified CI Private Mentor (I will complete in Jan. 2024).
I have 24+ years’ experience working with recovery from addiction (whether substances, work, love, sex, food, gambling, and with the parts, like the suicidal part, that show up when in recovery), seeing addiction now through the CI lens as an adaptive response to an original trauma.
In my private practice with clients I have found that CI can be a portal to essence and authenticity and can illuminate, connect and recalibrate the nervous system, very often taking us right back to in utero experiences, and it can assist in disentangling and dis-identifying from any adaptive identity that may have been constructed, when we may have put attachment over authenticity for the sake of survival.  I have direct and profound experience of an embodied process of awakening and I am a team member of the Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship and an ongoing student of Igor Kufayev, a Trika Shaivism teacher.  I was born and grew up in Hong Kong,  educated in Scotland & Lugano, Switzerland, and have lived all over the world - now based in Puglia, Italy.  I first came across Dr. Gabor Mate via the Recovery 101 online conference (hosted by Tommy Rosen) in 2013.  I give bodywork sessions, teach yoga classes in Italian, give CI sessions and have a daily personal practice of meditation, asana and walking amongst beautiful olive groves surrounding the town, where I live with my four cats.  Some of my background, training and experience include (though are not limited to) the following:

2004 - Hoffman Process, UK
2005  - Arvon Prose & Poetry Writers’ Retreat, UK
2009 - Juice Fasting & Yoga Retreat, Portugal
2011 - Yoga Workshop with Doug Swenson
2011 - Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Danny Paradise
2012 - Confer ‘The Mindful Practitioner’ Seminar by Franklyn Sills
2013  -  Five Rhythms Dance Workshop
2014 - Breathwork & Yoga Retreat with Rebecca Denis, UK
2015 -  Yoga Workshop: Uncover, Discover & Resolve with Zephyr Wildman
2015 - Tula®️ Massage Workshop with Louka Leppard
2015 - Yoga Retreat with Elisa Williams, Turkey
2015 - Womens’ Retreat with Fiona Arrigo, Normandy, France
2016 - HHY Yoga Retreat with Yogi Ashokananda,  Italy
2016 - Strengthening Yoga Retreat with Yogi Ashokananda, India
2019 - Kundalini Workshop in Lecce, Italy
2019 - Shadow Yoga Workshop in Lecce, Italy
2019 - Abundance, Astrology & the Inner Economy Workshop, Rick Jarow,  Italy
2019 - Neurophysiology of Awakening immersion with Igor Kufayev, Germany
2021 - Samadhi Course with Igor Kufayev
2021 - Kundalini Course with Igor Kufayev
2022 - 5-day immersion with Igor Kufayev, Germany
2023 - 10-day immersion with Igor Kufayev, Germany

Katrina is accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and Yoga Alliance International/Italia.


  • Languages Spoken

    English and Italian (not fluent yet)

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    Yoga Teacher

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  • Other Certified Training

    2007 - Rasovai™ AyurYogic bodywork 2008 - Rasovai™  AyurBalance bodywork 2009 - Sivananda® Yoga TTC  2011 - Esalen® massage 2015 - The Life Class® Life Coaching Certification with Jacqueline Hurst 2018 -  Himalayan Hatha Yoga TTC with Yogi Ashokananda for CPD, Tiruvannamalai, India  2022 - Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Programme CI 1-year Internship CI Circles Internship

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