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Lara Longo

Lara Longo

As a psychotherapist and trauma therapist, my approach is informed by Compassionate Inquiry. I am a Compassionate Inquiry Founding Facilitator and student of Dr Gabor Mate, EMDR Consultant in Training and Clinical Supervisor. I integrate various trauma therapy modalities including EMDR, IFS, Poly-Vagal Therapy, Trauma Sensitive Yoga - Meditation, Art Therapy and Ancient Wisdom Teachings. I support clients through a range of challenges and concerns (emotional, mental, relational and spiritual), and have a special interest in the treatment of complex and intergenerational trauma with adults. I also support clients with medicine work preparation and integration. I have worked alongside Indigenous community since 2007 as a helper and counsellor, my approach to psychotherapy has been strongly influenced by these connections. I am passionate about personal change and awareness; this intention forms the foundation of my work with clients and community.

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Addiction First Nations Plant medicine integration Stress Trauma and PTSD


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Owen Sound, ON, Canada

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