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Lauren Burton

I have worked with business leaders for the past decade and coached thousands of people, globally. My focus as a traditional Leadership and Executive coach has evolved over the years with my own personal journey, my passions and my life experiences towards a more therapeutic approach with CI at the heart of it. I am passionate about the healing, health and the relationship between our mind, bodies and soul. I have, like many on this journey had to heal a lot of trauma from my childhood, explore compassionately my coping mechanism as an adult and more recently became a student in grief after the devastating death of my daughter. All my life experiences, interests and education have lead me to be a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner today and I bring my whole self to my work. I see you x

I am based in Ibiza, Spain and London, UK.


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    Life Coach

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    Completed Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours Co-Active Certified Coach (CPCC) and Leadership Graduate Certified In Organisational Leadership Tools: The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) and Ilead Model.


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