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Lucie Mattar

I am a lifelong passionate experiential learner of heart based ‘alternative’ arts of healing and counselling inspired early on by a knowing that there was more than what was visible to the eye. This eventually led me on a path of inner work, exploration, discovery, relearning and remembering who I AM through the power of different approaches and energy healing - Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Essences, dance, Syntonic mouvement, Yamuna, meditation, Psychology of Vision, Course in Miracles, Being with Dying, the Tree of Life, the Divine Feminine, and Oneness to name a few.

After the death of my little brother when I was 11 my life shifted radically. The trauma from the loss was deep and as a sensitive soul it was isolating and confusing. Not surprising that my journey led me to the field of hospice palliative care where, for 25 years I witnessed, held, journeyed alongside people experiencing the depth of grief, sorrow, despair, and I also witnessed strength, courage, resilience, compassion and love.

My post secondary formal education began in Broadcasting, then at university I studied Women’s Studies, Social Work and received Master’s degree of Arts in Leadership and Training.

My studies in Compassionate Inquiry came at a perfect time and transition in my life. The Compassionate Inquiry approach infused new life, creative energy and inspiration into my counselling practice. Being a witness and guide for those who courageously want to grow and heal continues to be a profound joy,  honour and privilege.

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Languages Spoken
English & Français
Other Certified Training
CI Intern February 2021 to present.
CI Mentorship completed August 2021.
Oneness University, India 2013 & 2014.
Psychology of Vision 2005.
Anxiety Grief and loss Hospice Self-esteem Spirituality and ritual Trauma and PTSD


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Ottawa, ON, Canada

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