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Mairi Russell is a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and Facilitator, a Personal Mastery Coach within the Transformational Faculty at Mobius and an intuitive developmental and psychoeducational Executive Coach with thirty-five years of professional experience. She has worked across industries, including film, journalism, broadcasting, and therapeutic personal/organizational development. Formerly a multi-award-winning international BBC Producer, Mairi’s constant inspiration weaved through every role comes in supporting others to know their value, their authenticity, and the sheer joy of living it. Her skillset ensures the safety required for clients to excavate why they have the current and often repeating challenges they do and expertise to empower others to transform outdated strategies, trauma, and childhood patterning.

Mairi has gained over ten thousand hours working with clients/groups, designing customized programs, and running a private practice. She is a genuinely authentic practitioner with a well-earned reputation for her incisive work, swiftly identifying core issues with a light touch. She brings an imaginative flexible approach to upgrading collective emotional intelligence, nurturing more constructive collaboration, healthy relationships to thrive and preparing for effective communication when conflict resolution is required. Inspiring curiosity to discover how core issues manifest and continue to infiltrate their capacities to perform, relate and communicate. Clients are guided to create effective pathways to fresh possibilities moving forward with more profound awareness and personalized techniques.

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Executive Coach/Personal & Organisational
Group Facilitator/ Workshop Developer
Life Coach


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Glasgow and London, UK

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