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Mali Munroe

Hello, I am Mali. I help clients to connect with the part of themselves they have disconnected from. This is done through holding space for a client without judgement, with curiosity, a gentle presence and acceptance of the client exactly as they are. This intention helps each client open up in such a way they feel relationally held and supported. When this happens the client connects with and bridges together past trauma with their present day life. 

It is an honor to be trusted by my clients in helping them to understand their story of pain, hurt and an inner battle they fought on their own. Working together within the trusting relationship lends to an openness to relational holding. This is where transformation takes place and the client feels safe to look at their story in its entirety.  This process is sacred and honors your inner wisdom.  


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Completed Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program, Art Therapy
Anxiety First Nations Grief and loss Trauma and PTSD


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Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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