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Mando Beciaris

Mando is a registered Occupational Therapist (MSc, OT), who has worked in various areas during her past 10 years in practice.  She has worked with patients of various ages and medical diagnoses. Her current practice of 4.5 years has been working in (pediatric) with school-aged children (5-18 years old).  She has attended many trauma workshops, and now with her certification in Compassionate (Inquiry), she clearly sees how both adults and children are affected by their internal belief systems.

Mando’s goal as a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner is to hold a safe space for you to be vulnerable to experience what is going on in your body and mind. She will help guide you through your unconscious, sensations, emotions, and memories your body holds. On this exploration, she will walk alongside you as you uncover the hidden beliefs you hold about yourself.  With this newfound awareness, you can begin to shift these beliefs on your journey towards a place of greater self-compassion, peace, and healing.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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