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Michelle Peddle

Michelle Peddle witnessed first-hand the powerful impact of blending Eastern spiritual practices with Western psychology in her early 20’s. She utilizes these diverse practices, philosophies, disciplines, and theoretical perspectives to provide her clients with a unique individualized approach to healing. Equally evidence-based and spiritually aligned, Michelle offers unique opportunities to learn, grow, heal and reconnect with yourself. Michelle specializes in substance abuse disorders, depression, anxiety, and complex post-traumatic stress disorders. Her kindness, empathy, strength, intelligence and insight create a safe space for you to relax, connect and let your defences down. Michelle’s passion lies in watching people grow and reach their potential for inner peace and growth. Her relentless pursuit of learning, world class trainings and skill development bring big city concepts to small town Ontario removing barriers to access. Michelle is humble, welcoming to all and dedicated to those she serves.

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    Life Coach, Body Worker, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Classical/Hatha Yoga Teacher

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    addiction, ADHD, adolescents, adoption, anxiety, chronic pain, couples, depression, eating disorders, First Nations, grief and loss, LGBTQI2, sexual abuse, trauma


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