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Monika Guillemin Weiglová

Monika is a psychologist, certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and she loves incorporating art, imaginations and body work in her practice with clients.

She is a certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner and is as well trained in psychotherapy based on Jungian analytical psychology (Guided Affective Imagery). She is currently in final stages to be certified as a trauma-informed art therapist.

Monika is offering programs in conscious parenting and emotional development. Via zoom, she leads group or individual therapies and is honoured to support you in the healing journey.

She loves providing safe space, compassion, acceptance and respect for you to be able to see your true Self while uncovering unconscious roots of your patterns and conditioning.

Monika enjoys connecting ancient wisdom with the modern neuroscience perspectives to restore balance and become whole again.


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    English, Czech

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    Guided Affective Imagery, Kundalini yoga teacher, Art therapy


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