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Ramon Zelada

As an Integrative Health Coach, I work with people to help them understand that what we eat is not the only food that nourish us as human beings. I use healing-oriented mind-body medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. I deeply believe in an integrative approach to health. It's about going to the root cause, not just the symptoms (whether they are physical, emotional or psychological). Symptoms are just warning signs from our body asking us to pay attention and listen.

I was born in Spain and have lived in the USA, France, England, Ireland and Japan and I am now back in my beloved green, rainy and wild region of Galicia, located in the northwest Iberian Peninsula, in Europe. Although I live in a city, I have a dog and thrive during my daily nature walks along the sea.


  • Languages Spoken

    Spanish, English, and French

  • Profession


  • Specialties

    Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Illness, Plant medicine

  • Other Certified Training

    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by IIN Anti-Inflamatory Nutrition Specialist by Nutriscience Sports Nutrition Specialist by ICNS


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