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Rekha Kurup

I am a Trauma-Aware Integrative Systemic Phenomenological Therapist and Keeper of the Cyclic Earth Wisdom traditions. The pedagogy of all my offerings is founded in a Whole-Person-Philosophy that supports the integration of the Personal, Relational, and Transpersonal experiences of Inhabiting an Emotionally Mature Adult Human Knowing. I support individuals to consciously develop the Compassion and Curiosity to Inquire into the Relational Origins of their Triggers, Develop the Courage to do the process – integration work, and Mature their Self-awareness to take 100% Responsibility for their Being+Doing in the world.

In addition to Compassionate Inquiry, the wisdom of my Knowing Field is intimately in-formed by the philosophy of Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation,  Indian Yogic Spirituality, Indigeneous Earth Ritual Map of my matrilineal ancestors, and the use of Creative Art as therapy.

I am the founder of two initiatives namely the She Stands Tall Project ( and the Ordinary Human Project ( that offers a plethora of opportunities in group space.

I am currently only seeing and accepting South Asian clients.

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Languages Spoken
English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada
Other Certified Training
Systemic Theory and Family Constellation, Expressive Arts as Therapy, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Yoga - Breathwork - Meditation , Women's Spirituality, Ritual Making and Co-Creation, Shiva-Shakti Earth Wisdom
Mental Health Professional
Depression Grief and loss Life Coaching Self-esteem Self-harm Sexual Abuse Sleep of Insomnia Spirituality and ritual Stress Trauma and PTSD Women's health


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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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