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Robyn Warburton

Robyn Warburton is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Bangalow, NSW, Australia. She is a certified professional practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry, and has certifications in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Schema Therapy. She is also a small group facilitator for Janina Fisher's Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST) training. She completed Janina Fisher's Complex Trauma and Dissociation Training in London in 2016 and assisted at the same training in Oakland, California, in 2019. Robyn is currently an Intern Facilitator in the Compassionate Inquiry training, and an Intern Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Consultant. She provides trauma-informed psychological therapy and consultation in person and via telehealth.

Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist, Robyn worked in accounting and finance in the corporate sector. These experiences stimulated an interest and curiosity in systems and their impact on individual and social wellbeing. In 2010 she completed a Diploma in Family Therapy at the University of Queensland, and brings a systemic lens to her work with individuals and couples.


  • Languages Spoken

    English, basic Spanish

  • Other Certified Training

    Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Schema Therapy

  • Profession


  • Specialties

    addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, eating disorders, sexual abuse, trauma


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