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Rosio Fuentes

Hi, I'm Rosio (Rosie). With nearly three decades of experience in the exciting hospitality and gaming industry, I excelled in relationship marketing, fostering meaningful connections. However, when COVID hit, I felt compelled to shift my focus toward wellness and compassionate healing.

Living with EDS, a connective tissue disorder, I understand the challenges faced by those with chronic illnesses. Additionally, I support my husband, who lives with autism, PTSD, and childhood trauma, and serve as a guardian to three nieces with a remarkable ACE score.

Being first generation and of indigenous Mexican and Spanish heritage, I deeply honor and embrace the wisdom of my ancestors. My personal healing journey has allowed me to hold their wisdom close while compassionately letting go of what no longer serves, empowering me to uplift and guide others.

At the heart of my practice lies diversity and inclusivity, driving my deep commitment to expand Compassionate Inquiry within the BIPOC community. I am privileged, as a bilingual practitioner.

Through my unique blend of experience, challenges, and ancestral connection, I walk alongside others, fostering peace, love and self-compassion.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.  I'm here to support you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

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Languages Spoken
English & Spanish
Other Certified Training
CI Suicide Attention Training 2023
CI Mentorship
CI Internship (Spanish and English cohorts)
Clinical Consultation/Supervision Training w/ Dr. Lois Ehrmann 2023
Aura-Soma Practitioner 2021
Colorpuncturist 2021
Spiratual Warrior Training 2020
Conscious Parenting 2.0 2020
Life Coach
ADHD Adolescents Anxiety BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) Chronic Illness Life Coaching Parenting Self-esteem Self-harm Suicidal Ideation Trauma and PTSD


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Las Vegas, NV, USA

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