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Shay DuBois

Shay is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker seeing clients in California.  Shay specializes in trauma therapy supporting individuals who struggle with trust issues, often feeling alone even in the company of others. Her clients report being in their head but feel disconnected from their bodies, overwhelmed by their emotions, and prone to shutting down. Shay also works with those who tend to rescue others, experiencing inner emptiness and difficulty expressing their needs. She provides a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their feelings and challenges, helping them learn to trust, connect with their bodies, and manage overwhelming emotions.  Shay helps clients to reconnect to their self, to others, and the world in a safe and compassionate space.

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Other Certified Training
Traumatic Stress Studies Certification through Trauma Research Foundation 2022
Interpersonal Neurobiology Certification 2021
Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program 2023
Neurofeedback Certification through Trauma Research Foundation 2023
Registered Social Worker
Anxiety Depression Grief and loss Self-esteem Sexual Abuse Stress Trauma and PTSD Veterans


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San Diego, CA, USA

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