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Stephanie Canavesio

Stephanie builds a safe space for inner growth, creation, and expansion, leading with empathy and deep listening. Each time she meets with her clients it is together with equality and equanimity, truth, and trust. From a place of knowing the work that is necessary to reach our fullest potential; awareness of narrative, a conscious mind, and open heart. No stranger to the limitation of our addictive patterns, Stephanie is an authentic guide for the healing journey.

With a multitude of mastered healing modalities, Stephanie has developed a unique approach to her guidance and teachings, through compassionate inquiry and meditative practices, called Presence Embodied. Stephanie connects you to the present moment to restore you to your truest expression and authenticity through practices to cultivate consciousness, self-inquiry, and self-compassion.


  • Languages Spoken

    English, French

  • Profession


  • Specialties

    Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Plant medicine

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  • Sliding Scale Available


  • Hourly Rate in CAD


  • Other Certified Training

    Nalanda Institute 2 year Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy MNDFL Meditation Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Teacher


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