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Steve Borloz

Steve is Swiss and loves spending time in Cape Town, South Africa.

He’s also a Kundalini Yoga Instructor which compliments him as a certified Compassionate Inquiry (CI) practitioner.

As a former Marketing Manager, he understands the pressures on people in corporations and the power of self-regulation and compassionate self-care in the workplace.

Steve believes deeply in somatic therapy; practicing TRE, Breathwork, Movement Medicine and other Shamanic approaches. He co-developed a mindfulness based routine for an Addiction Treatment Centre in Cape Town.

His personal life experience has given him powerful insight into how to approach any addiction-based copying mechanism with great compassion, such as:

  • Dealing with an intimacy disorder and sex addiction, using Patrick Carnes approach.
  • The approach of the 12-Steps and Beyond Addiction program (The yogic path of recovery) and other addiction training.
  • Anger & Stress management workshops.

Steve is the perfect practitioner for those who want to understand and overcome personal life challenges. And for those who want to be better at processing their feelings in order to be more present in their lives.

He works in French, English and German.

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  • Languages Spoken

    English, French, German

  • Other Certified Training

    KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher L1, L2 Stress and Vitality.

  • Profession

    Yoga Teacher

  • Specialties

    addiction, adolescents, anxiety, couples, other, trauma


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