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Terri Bernath

Hello. I am Terri, a grateful graduate of the Compassionate Inquiry program. I took the training with the intention of healing myself from the trauma of my past. That intention was more than filled. Now I bring CI to anyone who is searching for healing from their own suffering. I do love working with pregnant women supporting them and the developing life within. This is a decades-old passion. I also want to work with twins. I am a twin and I understand the unique, and often challenging world, of being a multiple. CI is the most compelling work I have ever known for compassionately helping people to reconnect to themselves and heal themselves.

I have a long history of working in natural health. Blending Compassionate Inquiry into my own business based on physical and energy modalities is a natural union for supporting people on their on journeys towards wholeness and healthiness.

Compassionate Inquiry sessions are available in person and via Zoom.

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    Certified Reflexologist, Chartered Herbalist

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    Body Worker

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    chronic pain, depression, grief and loss, illness, trauma


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